PT update - exercises

Well, I got chewed out for jogging down the block to see how my abdominal area is doing.  Apparently it’s still tight and my PT got mad at me for doing that.  I’m doing well with everything they are giving me to do; trying to retrain my muscles in a way that I don’t over compensate with other muscles that cause my hipflexors to become more engaged and tight.  I do have to do these at home and it takes forever but I do mix and match not everything every day.

This is my regime, if I can remember off the top of my head:

  • Sitting up, one leg straight and other bent up but rested.  Squeeze and hold my for five seconds the inner thigh muscle 3 x 20 Switch legs.
  • Sitting up, one leg straight and other bent up but rested.  Squeeze and hold and raise 3 inches up three seconds, the inner thigh muscle 3 x 15 Switch legs.
  • Sides plans with pumps up and down.  3 x 30 second hold x 15 pumps 
  • Plank on forearms 3 x 60 seconds
  • On back, engaged abs and feet planted on ground close to butt:  engage abs to push back to ground with tilting my hip down 3 x 20
  • On back, engaged abs, feet in the air but bent:  engage abs, to push back on ground, then rotate one leg at a time with pivot point at hip to heal touch and backup and switch leg.  3 x 20
  • Spin on bike: 10 x 30 seconds full speed with 30 slow between
  • Stair machine keeping hip and up stable, moving my legs and engaging my inner muscle, butt, and abs.
  • Standing, squat with some resistance (by trainer), 3 x 15, 3 x 10 lower and raise but not raise up all the way to keep legs engaged.  (burns)
  • Ab raises but not all the way up.  3 x hold for 10 seconds
  • Ab raises but not all the way up.  holding 5lb ball, raise, engage pump 20 times with arms and 20 raises x 3
  • Pelvic tilt:  Shoulders on the ground, legs in by my butt, raise my hip and engage my abs and butt, up in the air.  Hold for 20 seconds, then pelvic tilt down for 20, hold for 15, then pump 15, hold for 10 then pump for 10, hold for 5 and pump 5.  rest.  x 3

This really works the hell out of my body and sure it’s going to help me retain my body to not over compensate for maybe some bad form I picked up some where.